Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trad LO: Can't get enough of you

still lacking scrap materials pero i think this LO would do. practice lang nang practice :)
I would love to have alpha diecuts and stuff...

Title: Can't get enough of U

Materials used: DCW wine red paper, ATB alphadots, AAS alpha chipboards, Paper reflections fresh paisley pallette, Miss Elizabeth's

Pictures taken last October 20, 2007

Friday, December 28, 2007

xmas cards

In pinoyscrapbookers, scrappers are given one whole month to work on a challenge. I dont know what got into me and decided to make an entry 45 mins before the deadline..
This month's challenge is a handmade card showcasing one's family picture. Since I am starting with traditional scrap and have an updated family picture (from xmas a few days ago), i gave it a shot. But given the time pressure and the lack of trad scrap knowledge, i ended up with this one:

I'm really not happy with my work. i know couldve done better.
So to give justice to our family pic, i made a digital card for the meantime. So that this won't be classified as a waste of time, I sent this to my relatives and friends abroad. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!
Materials used:
Handmade Card: Materials used: Paper reflections Sparkles palette paper, all about scrapbooking alpha chipboards, Miss Elizabeth's foil embossed stars
Digital Card: Be Merry digital kit from twopeasinabucket

Sunday, November 25, 2007

RAK my world

Thanks to marj for hosting RAK.. :)

Here's a video featuring my scrap world. Though my stuff is super konti talaga, i had fun taking photos and making digital layouts to showcase them (so that you wont get bored). The video is entitled DREAM BIG, hehe para dumami na rin ang stuff ko! :)

Kahit ako yung may pinaka konting stuff, i had fun doing this RAK. I had fun looking at the stuff of others, i got ideas what to buy next time =)
Thanks Marj!! :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Giggle Giggle: Another Attempt at traditional scrap

Seems like an improvement to the earlier posted layout :)

Journaling: You're such a happy baby. You always make people laugh because of your cute giggles.. And we love the fact that you just giggle about everything.

Papers used: S.e.i. Sweetie cutie pie, DMD Fresh Paisley, DMD Shangrila, Junkitz

Friday, November 2, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Though paper scrapbooking is really not my forte, I just cant resist making a layout of this very cute picture of Bianca and Titan.

Materials used: BasicGrey Aged&Confused Phresh&Phunky Paper, Rhona Farrer clear stamps, Prima flowers, brads

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baby Shower Invite

Made this for my dearest sister odette =) I kept it simple, direct to the point, and blue.

Materials from:

Friday, June 15, 2007

My 20-year old mom

We recently discovered this wallet-sized picture of my mom taken 40 years ago. My husband did a great job restoring it and I now have an 8x10 high res file :) I'll have it framed for her bday tom. She's really pretty. =)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1st to 30th month

*Digital Layout*

This June 30, Bianca will be 30 months old :) And one project is to finish her 1-30 layout pages.. :) To date, I am still at #4 woohoo!

This picture was taken on April 2005, where she wore her first terno gimmick clothes :) We attended her cousin Gab's Hawaiian bday party and this marks a very special day because it's also her first kiddie party experience!

She behaved well during the party. She had fun playing with WInnie the pooh mascot and just watching the people around her. She spent most of her time in the stroller.

Digital kits used: May 2007 Anne Langap (twopeas) and embellishments designed by Anita.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trip to Jakarta

*digital layout*

Finally I've finished the Jakarta layouts.. But there are things that just went quite wrong...

1 - I was able to bring a super low tech camera... *sigh*

2 - Because of #1, I didnt have much fun taking pictures... if you're my travel friends you would know that this is so un-me.

3 - I wasnt able to take great pictures -- except for that Sunset!!! =). haller, maganda na yun given a 3megapixel cam hehe)

4 - we werent able to go to Bali... waaaaahhhhhhh =(

The major highlight of the trip would be the Dharmawangsa hotel!! gosh, I stayed in a 66-sq meter bedroom... We were all treated like kings and queens. The Indonesian peeps are great too, they're all so nice! Found them to be very similar to filipinos actually. But on the overall, trip was okay, had fun during the CI conference (read: geek!) and would like to explore the area more next time.

Complete album can be viewed here.

Papers and Embellishments taken from Shabby Princess, Two peas, and Nanna's Attic.

Friday, May 4, 2007

2 Digital layouts yesterday

This is such an achievement -- 2 digital layouts in one day! Hope you'll like 'em.

#1 Layout: Despedida layout for my good friend Joel. The group had a get-together last night to say goodbye to Joel and Marichu, leaving for Australia 2 weeks from now. Joel has been our good friend since 1992 and of course we'll miss him terribly. It's also such a shame that we didnt have enough time to get to know his wife Marichu.

I've created this digital layout and intentionally put space so that everybody can write their messages for the couple. But hey, they all wrote at the back of the page.
Digital kits: Cottage Arts linen paper and flower stamp, Rhonna ferrer beaded swirl from two peas.

#2 Layout: :"I love you forever"
My mom and dad will be celebrating their 37th anniversary on Monday and my mom said, "I'll give this scrapbook thingy of yours a try". I really thought she would do a layout herself because she's very creative and artistic. But what she actually meant was - she would give ME a chance to do this for her- hee hee. :) Goody it turned out okay.

Digital kits: ShabbyprincessVintage florals kit, ALPkit love and bloom tags by Anita.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


*Digital Layout*
This is such a revelation for me. I didnt know that my husband Christian has the skill and ability to finish a meal in 5 minutes WHILE driving in Edsa. One late night from work and both of us hungry, I agreed to just eat in the car so that we can go home early. We usually eat burgers and fries since these are the easy-to-eat meals inside the car. But I was surprised that he asked for a spaghetti and chicken meal. nye.

This is unacceptable for me because I didn't want him driving and eating this big meal at the same time.. too risky on the road. But just seeing how hungry he was, I gave in. Seeing him shove all that food down his throat actually shocked me and kept me quiet in my seat. :) Before I can even say "do you need my help?" - -- the food is all gone.
Kids! don't try this at home (or in your car).

Materials used: Erica Hernandez grid embellishment, Veronica Ponce papers, and spring time stamp clock from 2peas; sketch by Valerie Salmon; wired bookplate (Kristie SF) and Sweet Serenity Alpha from Shabby Princess;

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bianca's First Haircut

I'm not superstitious and I don't believe that giving a child a haircut on her first year is a must. Bianca turned 2 without having a haircut. Her hair has grown to be shiny and beautiful and I was hesitant to trim it. But of course, I didnt have a choice because it's starting to touch her waist and she's slowly turning to a manang. =)

Knowing that Bianca wouldnt go inside a salon and let strangers touch her hair, I asked my sister Odette to do it for us (coz I'm way too scared). She hasnt had any experience styling human hair but hey, how hard could it be? It should be as simple as cutting a straight imaginary line, right? :)

It took us several mins to overcome distractions in the garden. Bianca attempted many times to go down the chair and play with the cousins. There was a time she also held on tightly to her hair as if saying, please dont touch it, you're not professionals! She also wrapped her arms around my waist, perhaps fearing a hair disaster.
Materials used in the above Layout - Shabby Princess Sweet Serenity Kit

Monday, April 23, 2007

Play is Fun

I've decided to have a new blog dedicated to my scrapbooking passion - whether digital or traditional. Here's my first post, a digital layout showcasing Bianca's pictures during her first playroom experience. This was taken in Angel's Playroom Bluewave2 mall.

Kits used - Funky Designs by Anita, ribbon and alpha from Shabby Princess 2006 Seasonal Sampler, and brush from obsidiandawn