Saturday, April 28, 2007


*Digital Layout*
This is such a revelation for me. I didnt know that my husband Christian has the skill and ability to finish a meal in 5 minutes WHILE driving in Edsa. One late night from work and both of us hungry, I agreed to just eat in the car so that we can go home early. We usually eat burgers and fries since these are the easy-to-eat meals inside the car. But I was surprised that he asked for a spaghetti and chicken meal. nye.

This is unacceptable for me because I didn't want him driving and eating this big meal at the same time.. too risky on the road. But just seeing how hungry he was, I gave in. Seeing him shove all that food down his throat actually shocked me and kept me quiet in my seat. :) Before I can even say "do you need my help?" - -- the food is all gone.
Kids! don't try this at home (or in your car).

Materials used: Erica Hernandez grid embellishment, Veronica Ponce papers, and spring time stamp clock from 2peas; sketch by Valerie Salmon; wired bookplate (Kristie SF) and Sweet Serenity Alpha from Shabby Princess;

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bianca's First Haircut

I'm not superstitious and I don't believe that giving a child a haircut on her first year is a must. Bianca turned 2 without having a haircut. Her hair has grown to be shiny and beautiful and I was hesitant to trim it. But of course, I didnt have a choice because it's starting to touch her waist and she's slowly turning to a manang. =)

Knowing that Bianca wouldnt go inside a salon and let strangers touch her hair, I asked my sister Odette to do it for us (coz I'm way too scared). She hasnt had any experience styling human hair but hey, how hard could it be? It should be as simple as cutting a straight imaginary line, right? :)

It took us several mins to overcome distractions in the garden. Bianca attempted many times to go down the chair and play with the cousins. There was a time she also held on tightly to her hair as if saying, please dont touch it, you're not professionals! She also wrapped her arms around my waist, perhaps fearing a hair disaster.
Materials used in the above Layout - Shabby Princess Sweet Serenity Kit

Monday, April 23, 2007

Play is Fun

I've decided to have a new blog dedicated to my scrapbooking passion - whether digital or traditional. Here's my first post, a digital layout showcasing Bianca's pictures during her first playroom experience. This was taken in Angel's Playroom Bluewave2 mall.

Kits used - Funky Designs by Anita, ribbon and alpha from Shabby Princess 2006 Seasonal Sampler, and brush from obsidiandawn