Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trip to Jakarta

*digital layout*

Finally I've finished the Jakarta layouts.. But there are things that just went quite wrong...

1 - I was able to bring a super low tech camera... *sigh*

2 - Because of #1, I didnt have much fun taking pictures... if you're my travel friends you would know that this is so un-me.

3 - I wasnt able to take great pictures -- except for that Sunset!!! =). haller, maganda na yun given a 3megapixel cam hehe)

4 - we werent able to go to Bali... waaaaahhhhhhh =(

The major highlight of the trip would be the Dharmawangsa hotel!! gosh, I stayed in a 66-sq meter bedroom... We were all treated like kings and queens. The Indonesian peeps are great too, they're all so nice! Found them to be very similar to filipinos actually. But on the overall, trip was okay, had fun during the CI conference (read: geek!) and would like to explore the area more next time.

Complete album can be viewed here.

Papers and Embellishments taken from Shabby Princess, Two peas, and Nanna's Attic.

Friday, May 4, 2007

2 Digital layouts yesterday

This is such an achievement -- 2 digital layouts in one day! Hope you'll like 'em.

#1 Layout: Despedida layout for my good friend Joel. The group had a get-together last night to say goodbye to Joel and Marichu, leaving for Australia 2 weeks from now. Joel has been our good friend since 1992 and of course we'll miss him terribly. It's also such a shame that we didnt have enough time to get to know his wife Marichu.

I've created this digital layout and intentionally put space so that everybody can write their messages for the couple. But hey, they all wrote at the back of the page.
Digital kits: Cottage Arts linen paper and flower stamp, Rhonna ferrer beaded swirl from two peas.

#2 Layout: :"I love you forever"
My mom and dad will be celebrating their 37th anniversary on Monday and my mom said, "I'll give this scrapbook thingy of yours a try". I really thought she would do a layout herself because she's very creative and artistic. But what she actually meant was - she would give ME a chance to do this for her- hee hee. :) Goody it turned out okay.

Digital kits: ShabbyprincessVintage florals kit, ALPkit love and bloom tags by Anita.